Monday, January 5, 2009

Dead Snowman!

We had another freak snowstorm yesterday! You can call it global warming, for we don't normally get SNOW in much quantity! 2009 is getting off to a bad start with MORE SNOW!
Yesterday after church we took Sally home with us so she could get to choir practice later that afternoon. While we played a game of cribbage (I won't say who won!) she noted it began to snow... BIG snowflakes, covering the ground with one inch within the first hour. We called her mom, who said they would still attempt the long trip. We called again at 5 p.m. and the big snow had reached their house too. They had decided NOT to attempt the trip (relief!).
That meant we were taking two young adults home with us... so about 8 p.m. we had a SNOWMAN develop in our backyard. The bottom snowball about 3-4 feet big, only took sally a few minutes to gather in about a 12x12 circle. The snow was packing wet and six inches deep! The second snowball was about 3 feet tall. Sally couldn't budge it! Roy went out to help and it crumbled to pieces. They managed to push it closer and still could not lift the heavy ball on top. SO, the snowman was made "laying down"! Perhaps he was making SNOWMAN ANGELS?
After they built the man, they climbed upon him and crushed it a bit before going in for a late dinner.
After church, Joy and her boys were not able to drive their car as far as their house, but walked the last half mile after sliding to a stop on the way home.
This morning the snow is MELTING quickly! The temps are in the 40's and will turn much of this mess to slush early in the day! YAY!
Snow, snow, go away! (why, oh why, could we not have this warm air YESTERDAY so the snow would have been rain?)


Alice said...

Look at how much fun the kids had in the snow! It was fun, admit it..haha.
As I have said in the past...Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Sally Ann said...

I'll take any snow I get as long as everyone I love can get where they are going safely! I love snow!!!

ScrapGirls Ro said...

This is funnnnyyyy! The photo makes me crack up.