Thursday, January 8, 2015

Pet Hill

Checkerboard, aka Checkers, on his last morning
John 11:36, "Then said the Jews, Behold how he loved him!"

Digging a hole near Dominoes
Today, after 17 1/2 very good years, we retired our faithful old dog, Checkerboard, to Pet Hill. He became too frail to take care of himself and began to fall over from time to time.

Checkers has not been wanting his treats for a few days, so when he began to stumble, we knew his time was nearly up. It was a very difficult decision to give him this much needed rest.

Cuddles with Al one last day. Charming wants some too.
It was good therapy for Al to dig the grave for him, bringing the realization fully to us that he was leaving us today. The vet had a noon opening, so Al dug the grave early in the day before we went to the vet's. Checker's remains now rest on the hill beside his playful companions, Domino and Tiki kitty. The hill sits along the pathway to our neighborhood play field, and can be viewed from our family room and kitchen.

Such a little box for such a BIG HEART!
The sobs in the room were more audible than we both expected. Cuddling him to the end, Al comforted Checkers as he was administered the lethal injection. We said "good night" today to our Checkers for the very last time.

We went through a lot of dogs before Checkers found us, and he was worth the years and expenses he gave us. We had him longer than half our grandchildren!

You will be MISSED by many! Good night, good boy!

The kitty statue and soon two pup statues.


Charity said...

Made me cry :( Poor Checkers. He was a good boy and I will miss him very much!

Truth and Blessings said...

Tears in my eyes. I still remember his barking at us when we used to walk together. He hated it when we went past your house and he wasn't with us. He was such a good dog.

cathicog said...

Crying's so hard, but he's in Happy Pups Hunting Ground now...hugs to you

Darci said...

I'm so sad for you, but I know all the memories are well worth having our loving pets. We never forget them. May God comfort you both as you grieve, and leave you with only cherished memories.

Sally Coale said...

So sad! I will miss you, Checkerboard!! I will always remember how you loved to sit on the couch with me until Dominoes would steal your spot. You were a good dog!! :'(

karen Orman said...

So sad. Sorry for your loss. I recently had to say goodbye to my cat Smokey. Sad day indeed.