Saturday, September 15, 2012

Puyallup Fair with Gregsons

Taking the babies to the fair is always fun, but you never know if they will LOVE or HATE the baby animals. For Bailey, it was "look and don't touch". For Savannah, 6, "show me WHERE to pet!"

Bailey is reluctant about the goats 
The Camel exhibit had both single and two-hump camels and they offered rides. No takers among us.
2 hump camels... I don't see them much

Jesse wanted to take my picture. NOW there is evidence I was there!

Some day I can be the Cow-pants Tractor driver! [Great retirement goal?]

Jesse trying to "outrun" the baby elephant (cardboard... he will survive)

Wouldn't you know the two "clowns" would have so much fun
with the cardboard elephant? Charles and Jesse playacting.

"It's on my TOE!"
"AHHH! Get it OFF!! 
The girls were fascinated by baby goats in pens
How big was your fish, Reuben?
Getting a photo of Savannah without a "cheesy" grin is tough. Here is one!

Savannah and Jesse really were into the fishing!
When I asked Reuben how big his fish was he showed me. When I asked Jesse, he held up three fingers (the number of fish he caught!). They LOVED the free fishing event. We spent better than a half hour at this exhibit after lunch.

The Rainforest Exhibit was really special. The kids really enjoyed seeing tortoise, spiders, scorpions, snakes, alligators, birds, monkeys, and weird bugs.

The tortoises were cute and pet-able. Savannah liked them,
but not Bailey, when she saw they were moving (slowly).

Always looking for a laugh, Charles is the TORTOISE BOY
Some kind of African primate 
Clever Charles... perfect photo / hand combo
I loved these colorful birds. The camera was tough
to get a shot, but at least the color is visible
It was a great day at the fair. I was glad I took my own vehicle this year, as I was "done in" by 3 pm and they still had lots to see. Fun in the NW Sun!

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Rozanne (Ro) Paxman said...

Isn't it funny how often we are missing from family events because we are always on the other side of the lens? It happens to me, too.

Nice to see your happy, smiling face.