Thursday, July 15, 2010

We woke up in paradise...

Yesterday was a long day... a ten hour trip to our cabin in the woods in Montana. (Not really "ours", but even the host commented how often we come, LOL). We were thrilled to find internet hook up IN THE CABIN this year (past visits we had to sit outside their house for connection)! They also added a brass bed frame, updated HD TV and a washer/dryer is arriving today. WOW! These folks really take care of us!
[Note to sister, Jan: This is OUR kind of "camping"... dishwasher, BBQ grill, Fridge, full bath facility in the cabin, cupboards furnished with essentials, including food... luxury! REST, instead of WORK!)

 Last night we arrived at dinner, unpacked, ate and I laid down to rest a bit. Hours later I awoke and knew I would not be sleeping anytime soon, so I worked a bit on research for a scrap kit I am designing. Went to bed about midnight and awoke at 7:30... I think I am "caught up" on the sleep part.

So, this is the morning view from our cabin in paradise!

View from the cabin door...

The trees are SO TALL here in the area!

Well, back to "REST" now... Al is out running on the "rails to trails" local path. The dogs are already "resting"... ahhh! Vacation!

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Alice said...

Beautiful. I wish I could have gone with you. A relaxing vacation sound so good right now.