Friday, February 5, 2010

Sights around us... beautiful Seattle!

During the revival meetings last week, Hubby and I were able to take Bro. Max Alderman on a mini-size "Seattle Tour" .

I LOVE the Pike Street Market, but this was the first time I was there with a "real" camera. I don't know if I have a favorite picture in the bunch (pun intended), but they all scream for me to scrap them! Enjoy!

[I MUST go again soon! Anyone up for a photo shoot?]

Flowers! I LOVE flowers! Fresh, dried, fake!
(well, maybe not fake!)

Veggies! I saw these lovely pepper hangings.

The space needle was right where I left it!
Beautiful, even after 50 years!

Miss Rainier was peeking above the clouds so we managed to get off the freeway to get some pics of her, too! This was taken with my zoom lens. I LOVE it!

And this pig sculpture was too cute to pass up!
She gives new meaning to the phrase "PIG IRON"


Alice said...

Pretty pics, Mom! I love your new camera!

Leslie said...

Just stumbled upon your blog - beautiful pic of Mt Rainer. We were stationed there for 4 years and it never ceased to amaze me when the clouds would clear and you could see her in all her glory!
Thanks for sharing!

cropalot said...

Love your flower pix and peppers too.
You are so talented. Wish I knew half as much about blogging as you do. Like your "I am a child of God"... and WOW what nice mouse pads. Have you sold them long? Now I wish I didn't have a WACOM.

By the way, I love Seattle.

preacher said...

You're getting pretty handy with that new camera! Glad you're enjoying it! Love your pics.