Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sisters are for loving!

My sister, Jan, tagged along with her husband, Chuck, on a business trip and we were able to spend some time together at last! All my girls cleared their schedule to spend a few hours with her and the tea room seemed the perfect choice with no husbands or sons around! It was a sweet gathering and Jan was elated to spend some quality talking time with all of them.

We MUST do this again! When can you come by again, Jan?

Thank you, Chuck, for bringing her with you! It was good to remember the OLD TIMES again!

We took time to get breakfast before they left for Chuck's job.

Jan is passionate about Weight Watchers and her loss of 30 pounds! Good job, Jan!

Jan and I went to the Tea Room with all four of my girls and the three oldest granddaughters. WHAT FUN!


preacher said...

I'm happy you could spend some quality time with your step sister. Jan and Chuck are a blessing.

Alice said...

Thanks again for including us in the fun.
Aunt Jan is a sweetheart.