Friday, March 20, 2009

Heading down to Tombstone...

As we left Apache Junction and headed south to Tombstone Territory, we took the photo above of the palm tree... or is it? I was awed that they camouflaged the cell tower like that, LOL!
Down the road a bit, the next photo was taken across the road from our motel... the sign says "SNAKEHOLE Golf and Country Club". Somehow I am not interested, even IF I were a golfer. The entire course appears to be a "sand trap"... perhaps they use green traps here? Actually I have seen a few lovely GREEN courses too, but this one stood out as remarkable.
We got into Tombstone late afternoon, and after a quick rest, crossed the road to see BOOT HILL where the notorious folks of the old days were laid to rest, including gang members that died at the OK Corral.

Downtown Tombstone has been well preserved and we have made reservations to see the enactment of the shootout this afternoon. After eating at the local "saloon" restaurant (not gonna recommend it), we found most of the town had shut down for the night (except the nightlife).

So, we headed back to our room as the sun was setting in the west! AWESOME SUNSETS HERE!


preacher said...

Tombstone, AZ is like going back in history to the "Wild West." I love it. I can almost see Wyatt Earp coming down the street.

llaxton said...

We had so much fun there the times we have been. It is a blast!

Alice said...

You ate at a Saloon??? Ummmmm...haha.
That little town looks like fun.

...and once again...I LOVE the sunsets there.