Saturday, November 22, 2008


It's hard to believe that I LOVE hydrangeas, I know...  (just kidding)

I am so disappointed on the years when my primary bush fails to produce blooms, or dries up immediately after flowering. 

But then there are the years that it produces LUSH VIBRANT blooms in purples, pinks and variations in between.... AHHH! Lovely. That's the time to take LOTS of photos!

Thus, I made my blog header and background so I can see the "good year" for more than a few months!  

Hope you enjoy them... (I sure do!)


Alice said...

BEAUTIFUL! I am glad you finally got it on your blog. It's unique! No one has one like it. I will have to give you some ideas of what I like so you can make me one too ;)

B.E.Hughes said...

that's the ticket... ideas to develop in my "lying awake thinking" place!

Anonymous said...

I love hydrangeas too. They are absolutely beautiful and make the whole house smell so pretty! Your background is nice, but a little hard to read the writing.